Headsets for companies

Find out how to organize visits to your company thanks to the rental of headsets

What are headsets for companies?

For every company, headsets represent an evolution in close and mass communication. In every establishment, factory or laboratory where noisy machines are found, headsets are necessary for listening given the ambient noise caused by the machines. The use of radio guides is inevitable when carrying out study, work, company courses and refresher courses that require continuous listening skills on the part of speakers and instructors.

Thanks to the use of headsets, specialization courses can also be held in open environments, at fairs and around exhibition spaces. The audio guides are able to deeply involve the interest of each individual listener. Even during the events, those present through the use of audio guides are able to actively participate without interruptions.

Why rent Headsets for company tours?

Company and factory training courses require special attention from collaborators and employees, which would not be possible without the use of headsets. The use of radio guides represents an investment dedicated to improving productivity. They also allow customers to take company tours and visits inside the factories. Fundamental also in case of school visits that require. Thanks to the numerous frequencies of the headsets, it is possible to carry out several courses at the same time.

Advantages of headsets rental for companies

The support provided during the headsets rental with assistants who take care of delivering and collecting the rented radio guides on site, allows companies to concentrate on the themes of the events. It will be the task of the assistants to guarantee the full functionality of the headsets during their use.

Headsets rental cost for companies

We offer special offers to companies that request the radio guide rental service on site, which also include the presence of collaborators who take care of all the problems related to delivery and direct collection from the customer who will use them. The cost of the headsets rental service is fully deductible. Electronic invoicing is basic and payment can be made by bank transfer but also by credit card.